Mama, YOU are enough!

Today alone I have read two posts on facebook from two different mothers concerned that they are not providing a "good enough" life for their children. That they cannot provide extravagant toys, brand name clothing or pay for regular trips to play centres and local amusement parks. 

We live in a very materialistic society. It is unfortunate, but true. It is also why we are struggling with pollution and environmental damage on extreme levels - because we are continually wanting the newest model of everything and rarely are items repaired like in our grandparents time, they are simply replaced for something new. It is easy to lose ourselves into this expensive and wasteful way of living.

As parents we want to give our children the best in life but the "best in life" does not mean that they need lots of plastic toys and expensive entertainment, they just need YOU! YOUR time is what they will remember. The memories made during the quality time together is more precious then gold and best of all, making memories is FREE!  

Think back on your most treasured childhood memories with your parents and what you were doing at the time. The warm feelings that fill your heart in that moment and how the happiness from that moment even YEARS on, still brings a smile to your face. Good memories are amazing! 

Mama, if your child is begging you to play, take a step back from your busy work schedule even for five minutes of the day. Let those dishes sit in the sink for a bit longer and the vacuuming can wait a while. Take the time to make those warm and loving memories with your child, take the time to shower them with love. They don't need you to spend money on toys, they just need your time and love. They just need YOU! YOU are their everything! YOU are enough!


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