Bamboo Cloth Wipes

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 Every year millions of disposable baby wipes end up in landfill. They are an everyday essential when you have a baby or young children. We use them to wipe sticky hands, messy faces and little bottoms but just like other disposable products they are not only clogging up our landfills and using precious resources to produce but up until recently some disposable wipes also contained nasty chemicals that were found to cause skin irritations. 


About our wipes

Our cloth wipes are made from 100% natural bamboo terry cotton. They are approximately 20cm X 20cm and are made of two layers of bamboo terry. They are thick, soft and perfect to use from head to toe, even on the most sensitive skin. 


How to use?? 

  1. Dampen wipe with clean water 
  2. Use on baby/child
  3. Rinse (if heavily soiled) 
  4. Store in a dry bucket (no need to soak) until wash day
  5. Wash in warm/hot water
  6. Hang to dry or place in dryer 

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