Eco Babe Starter Pack

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Hello Eco Babe

The Earth thanks you for making the change to reusable Menstrual products.

Did you know that most women will use over 10,000 disposable menstrual products in their lifetime? All of the disposable menstrual products you have ever used are still in existence today and will be throughout even your children's and their grandchildren's lifetime. It is estimated they will take between 500-800 years to break down. By choosing reusable menstrual products you are helping to reduce the waste that pollutes our Earth. 🌍 


This pack is a fantastic starter pack. A great opportunity to trial our pads at a discounted price.

1 X Panty liner (S)  - 21cms in length. 3 layers of bamboo cotton. Suitable for light flow and discharge or back up for cups. 

2 X Day-flo pads (M) - 27 cms in length. 6 layers of bamboo cotton. Suitable for day use, light to heavy flows. 

1 X Night pad (L) - 33cms in length. 7 layers of bamboo cotton. Suitable for day use if you prefer more length and greater coverage and for night use.