Kn95 Masks

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There is a current shortage of face masks in Australia and we have been able to source a limited supply of KN95 disposable masks. Masks are individually packaged to ensure optimum hygiene and will only be available for a limited time. 



  • 4 layers of filtration material including a melt blown core
  • Disposable to minimise contamination
  • Filtration efficiency > 95% of non-oily particulate matter
  • Mask clip included to take pressure off from behind the ears
  • Breathing vent
  • For personal and recreational use


* Boho babes make no claims that these masks will protect against any viral contaminants. *


How to use:

  • Put the mask on with clean hands
  • Hold mask against your face and use the clip to secure the mask behind your head.
  • Squeeze around the bridge of your nose to create a seal with the nose wire
  •  You have now fitted your mask!

Remember never to touch the front of your mask after the initial fitting.

Remove the mask using the elastics

If the mask is not covering your nose and mouth it is inefficient.





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