Free2bU Underwear FAQ's

About Free2bU Underwear

How do Free2bU Underwear work?

Bladder leaks? Periods? Sweat? You bet!

Can these underwear replace my menstrual products?

What style is best for me?

Sizing. How do I find the right size for me?

How much fluid can the Free2bU Underwear hold?

Legal Policies

Order changes and cancellations

Returns or Exchanges

Faulty items.

Clearance items

Washing & Care

Preparing Your Underwear

Washing your underwear

Menstrual Pad FAQ'S

About Cloth Menstrual Pads

What are cloth menstrual pads?

How to use

Which size pad is suitable for my flow?

Periods and Bladder leaks

Will my pads move around?

What are the benefits of cloth pads?

Which side goes against the skin?

How often will I need to change my pad?

Will my cloth pads smell?

Washing and Care

Dealing with a soiled pad when out and about

Washing you pads

Stain removal

Wash prior to initial use

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