Cloth Nappy Language & Abbreviations

Most commonly used abbreviations

MCN: Modern cloth nappy

AIO: All-in-one - Refers to type of nappy

AI2: All-in-two - Refers to type of nappy

OSFM: One size fits most - Size of nappy

OSFA: One size fits all - Size of nappy

NB: Newborn 

WAHM: Work at home mum - Often will be used when talking about cloth nappies made by small businesses from home (often mums)

CC: China cheapies - Refers to cheap (often unethically made) cloth nappies from china

RAOK: Random act of kindness - Term used when giving away cloth nappies

OTB: On the bum - For example "This nappy looks so cute OTB".


Components of nappies

Natural fibre: Refers to materials made of natural fibres

MF: Microfiber - Is a type of fabric used typically in inserts and boosters

Microfleece/suede-cloth: Two different types of water-resistant fabrics commonly used in cloth nappies that aids in drawing moisture away from bubs skin

PUL: Polyurethane Laminate - The waterproof fabric that the shells of nappies are often lined with or made of.

Trifold: An insert that can be folded into thirds.

Insert: The main absorbent "pad" in nappies that soaks up the urine 

Booster: An insert that is added to cloth nappies to aid in increasing the absorbency

Flats and prefolds: A square/rectangular piece of material (usually terry towelling or bamboo/hemp fibre that can be folded and used as a nappy or "pad" inside of a waterproof shell/cover.

Cover/Shell: Refers to a waterproof layer that can be used over flats and prefolds or with inserts and boosters

Liner: Disposable or reusable - Placed within the inside of a cloth nappy to catch the faecal matter making cleaning the nappies an easier process. 

Snaps: Small circular, plastic devices that aid in the fastening of the nappies 

Hook and loop: Refers to nappies that have what is most commonly known as Velcro as the method of fastening and closure

Gussets: Usually an extra row of elastic or raised fabric that aids in preventing leaks 

Wetbag: A waterproof bag used to store soiled nappies 

Cloth wipes: A reusable, washable alternative to disposable baby wipes.


Other commonly used terms:

Stash: Collection of nappies

Stash shot: Photo of a collection of modern cloth nappies

Stuff: Refers to putting inserts into the pocket of a nappy

Fluff mail: Refers to receiving cloth nappies in the post.

Prep: Preparing your nappies for use - usually through soaking the inserts overnight and washing the nappies.

Strip and sanitise: A method of cleaning nappies that is used to remove ammonia build up and thoroughly clean nappies.

Delaminating: When the waterproof layer separates from the outer fabric, often resulting in a "crunchy" sound and leaks

Dry pailing: This refers to storing soiled nappies in a pail without water (it is not recommended to soak your nappies so this is the best method).

Nappy Sprayer: A hand-held spraying device that attaches to the external plumbing of the toilet and allows you to wash your nappies directly into the toilet