Using cloth on your newborn

Our newborn cloth nappy system was designed with new mums in mind! At Boho babes we know that having a newborn can be exhausting so we have developed a fuss-free system to minimalise the stress and it is so easy that dads and even grandparents find it simple too!

About our newborn system
Our newborn nappy system consists of a nappy shell/cover and snap-in 450gsm bamboo inserts. Our system allows you to get numerous changes from each shell/cover by simply wiping clean the cover and replacing the soiled insert with a clean one! This ultimately saves you money and is simple for everyone to use.

As our product is new we give the guidelines of 2.5kgs to 5kgs however our nappies fit snuggly on a Babyborn doll.

Our inserts are made of thick and thirsty, natural bamboo terry cotton and have a snap at one end. This snap allows you to snap the insert underneath the waterproof "flap" at the front of the nappy which helps to prevent the insert slipping down at the front where the absorbency is needed most.


Nappy features

  • Leg gussets to help contain poo-explosions
  • Height snaps to get that perfect fit from approximately 2.5kgs to 5kgs
  • Waterproof front flap to help prevent tummy leaks
  • Soft binding that is gentle against bubs skin
  • Snap-in 4 layer (450gsm) bamboo insert which is made from 100% natural fibres

  • A waterproof lining that allows you to simply wipe down the inside between changes and replace the inserts, giving you more changes! (If heavily soiled please change entire nappy).
  • Exclusive prints that will look stunning on your new bundle of joy! 

How to wash
Please head to our "Washing & care" page to find out more about cleaning and washing your newborn cloth nappies.


Have questions?

We are always happy to try to answer any questions you may have about using our cloth nappies and accessories. Please feel free to contact us HERE.