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Our range of eco-friendly modern cloth nappies and products are designed here in Australia by mums who understand the need for affordable, functional products in a range of designer prints. All of our products are ethically manufactured adhering to the ethical code of conduct, so you can be sure that your purchase is supporting other families along the way, including our wonderful artists! As mother's ourselves we stand behind each of our products, so you can be assured that Boho Babes offer nothing but the best quality.

A Beautiful Future

Every year approximately 2 billion tonnes of disposable nappies and 18 thousand tonnes of disposable menstrual products end up in landfill in Australia alone.

Financially these products are also an expensive ongoing cost. It is estimated that the average menstruating person will spend approximately $5600 on disposable sanitary items in their lifetime and it is estimated that families will spend $3400 on disposable nappies per child.

We believe it is our responsibility to sustain a healthy environment to pass onto generations to come. Making the switch to reusable products today will help to reduce the pollution of disposable products and make the Earth more beautiful tomorrow!

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