Our warranty policy

We offer a 6 month manufacturers warranty on all of our products from the date of purchase. This time frame allows ample time for any manufacturing faults to become evident. It is important that our washing and care instructions are followed correctly to maximise the lifespan of your reusable cloth products and if you have any concerns please contact us.


What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers faults from the manufacturing of the products: Stitching, snaps, elastics and zippers. As soon as a fault becomes evident please contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

What does the warranty NOT cover?
The warranty does NOT cover damage or deterioration due to improper use.
The use of bleaches/chemicals and drying/washing your nappies at a temperature higher then 60 degrees celcius automatically voids your warranty.
Damage sustained from improper use such as ripping or tearing of fabric and cracked snaps from rough handling is also not covered by our warranty.
Pilling and fading of fabric overtime is considered general wear and tear and is not covered by warranty.

Issues with print placement.
Our warranty does not cover dissatisfaction due to print placement. All of our prints are printed onto large rolls of fabric so print placement may vary from product to product and from that in the product photos. Also colour may vary from the product description on our website due to the differences in device screen colouration, quality and perception. 


As the nappies and products contain small snaps it is important to check them regularly to ensure they are adhered to the products properly. Broken snaps pose a choking hazard and therefore should be discarded immediately! Children should NOT be allowed to play with or place any products with a snap in their mouths and should NOT be left unsupervised with such products. Please take caution and use our products sensibly and with care.