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Washable Nursing Pads

Washable Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are round absorpative pads that you wear against the nipple to absorb leaking breastmilk. They are just one of the many items that are on the check list inside your pregnancy journal, under the section "What to bring to hospital when you have your baby".

Plastic Pads
The issue with disposable nursing pads for those who are more eco-conscious is the amount of plastic that is used to not only to make the nursing pads but to also package them. They often come in plastic coated boxes, wrapped in individual plastic wrappers and backed with a thin plastic layer and adhesive glue which is then covered with a disposable plastic coated strip. Just like disposable nappies and wipes these disposable products take years to break down in landfill.

Unknown internal composition 
Upon researching I found it difficult to locate any information regarding the internal absorpative construction of disposable nursing pads. However given that they are quite absorptive we can only assume that they would be somewhat similar to disposable nappies and menstrual pads which contain an array of nasty chemicals that have been linked to long term health issues. 

Another issue with disposable nursing pads,  as with any other disposable product is the ongoing financial factor. An average pack of nursing pads with around 40 individually wrapped pads costs around $10.00 AUD. That is only 20 pairs. Given that it is recommended to change your nursing pads as soon as they become damp, you will find yourself quickly using up box after box. 

So what are the alternatives to disposable nursing pads?
Washable nursing pads are a fantastic eco-friendly, money saving alternative to disposable nursing pads. Our Boho babes nursing pads are thin and discreet under t-shirts without compromising on the level of absorbency. They are comprised of 100% bamboo cotton with a waterproof PUL backing and come in a range of stunning floral prints. We love bamboo fabric!  Why?  Because not only is bamboo a sustainable resource it is also naturally hypoallergenic and boasts antimicrobial properties. It is so gentle against even the most sensitive nipples!

How many nursing pads are needed? 
This is not a question that is easy to answer as everyone is different. It completely depends on the individual. Some women have heavy let-downs and may need to change their nursing pads 5-8 times in 24 hours whereas some may hardly leak at all. We recommend starting with 6 pairs. This will give you enough to trial and see how many more you may need to have enough for a complete rotation of nursing pads. 

How do I wash my nursing pads? 
Simple!  Throw your nursing pads through the wash with your clothes. If you are worried about them getting mixed up in the wash or your washing machine 'eating' them then pop them in a small washbag. If you are lucky enough to only need wash two to three times a week and not every day like myself, then you may need to rinse your nursing pads until the water runs clear between each wash.

Cost for Boho Babes nursing pads? 
We have a range of stunning floral prints available and numerous pack sizes to choose from. To check out the nursing pads on our website click HERE


If you have any questions contact us we are always happy to have a chat and help where we can. 

😊 Danni


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