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Cloth Nappies and Twins By Cassie Hays

Cloth Nappies and Twins By Cassie Hays
After the initial surprise of finding out we were having twins rather than the one little chreub we were expecting we went into planning mode of how we would manage this exciting turn of events. Suddenly all of the things we weren’t expecting to have to spend money on, seeing as we have hand-me-downs from our older son were irrelevant Now we needed a second cot, double pram, bigger car and the list goes on. This got us to thinking about how many disposable nappies we would go through with two babies.

While pregnant we purchased some OSFM cloth nappies, not a full stash but enough to give it a good try and I set the goal that we wanted to have the twins in cloth nappies by the time they were three months old. The huge amount of disposable nappies we were going through in those early weeks got me even more motivated and we managed to have the boys in their cloth nappies during the day by eight weeks of age!

We have found that people of singleton babies and children are often very surprised by our choice to cloth nappy our twins. People often say “Don’t you have enough washing with twins!”, and “Why would you cloth nappy with two babies!”. Of course we have a lot of washing, but I figure that everyone with children does! Using cloth for us, adds an extra load of washing each day, we prewash daily and on the second day after the prewash do the main-wash. Cloth wipes get thrown in the dry pail with the nappies, another cost saving for us, plus they clean so much better than disposable wipes.

Although our initial motivation to cloth nappy our twins was financial (I have calculated we would spend over $1500 in disposables during their first year), the environment has become a big factor in why we continue with cloth. Seeing the volume of disposable nappies that two cute little babes could go through that will sit in landfill for their lifetime and longer was very motivating. The third reason why we be continue with cloth nappies is of course vanity! Babies look adorable in cloth nappies.


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