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Boho Babes vs Chinese Cheapies

We have had some people ask what makes our products different from the products that can be purchased from ebay and similar websites. So here is some information about Boho babes.

We are very transparent with our customers that our products are manufactured in Shanghai, China. We originally wanted to have our nappies manufactured in Australia but unfortunately the costs of manufacturing alone would have meant we would have to charge around $38 PER NAPPY just to make a small profit.


Ethically manufactured.

Boho babes refuses to support sweat shops!

We spent many months researching and found a small factory in Shanghai that pays their staff a good, fair wage. We were so pleased to hear that instead of making their staff work overtime to complete orders, they simply hire more workers to manage the workload! That means the more products we order, the more jobs there are for locals.


High quality products.

Our products are made from the highest quality fabrics possible! We wanted to provide an affordable nappy that didn't compromise on quality! We are continuously improving our products with the help of our customers feedback. So if you have any concerns or suggestions please contact us, we would love to hear from you! 

The Boho Babes difference.

Apart from the information above, that our products are created with the highest quality fabrics and not in sweat shops, our pattern for our nappies is also more fitted to make our nappies trimmer and all of our products come with 100% bamboo inserts - no need to pay additional for bamboo inserts like with other companies!

Our prints are also exclusive to Boho babes. Whether we have paid an artist to paint an exclusive print for our nappies or we have paid commercial rights and licencing to an artist to use their hand-painted graphics to make a print ourselves, you will not find our prints elsewhere! It also means you are supporting artists, the majority of whom are Australian.



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