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Cloth Nappy Components

Shell: A cloth nappy shell or cover is the waterproof outer of the cloth nappy.

Insert: The insert is made from absorbent materials usually bamboo cotton, hemp or microfiber and this is the component that absorbs the urine.

Lining: The lining of a cloth nappy can be made from a vast range of materials however the most common are suede-cloth and microfleece that act as a water resistant barrier between the insert of the nappy and bubs skin that aids in keeping the skin dry.

Boosters: A booster is an absorbent "pad" that is used to increase the absorbency of a cloth nappy. They are composed of absorbent materials from hemp, bamboo or microfiber to flannelette and even terry towelling.

Liners: There are two types of liners - reusable and disposable. A liner's main purpose is to make the disposal of faecal matter an easier process and in turn making cleaning your cloth nappies easier also.

  • A reusable liner is a piece of suede cloth or more commonly microfleece that is cut to fit on top of the lining of a cloth nappy. This type of liner can be rinsed, washed and reused as the name suggests. Reusable liners are an easy DIY project!
  • Disposable liners usually come on a roll or in a packet of anywhere between 50 to 200 pieces. They are usually constructed of bamboo fibres and claim they are flushable (however this is questionable as no real studies have been conducted on the biodegradability of these liners in our sewage systems). They work but disposing of the liner once soiled and make the clean-up process of your cloth nappy more manageable. 

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