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Different types of cloth nappies

There are four main types of modern cloth nappies - Pocket nappies, All-in-ones, All-in-twos and night nappies.

Pocket nappies have a 'pocket' between the outer shell and the inner lining of the nappy. This pocket usually has an opening at the back or front (sometimes both) that allows you to "stuff" the absorbent insert between the layers. These nappies are very fast to dry and allow you to adjust the absorbency as required.

All-in-one nappies (AIO) are exactly as the name describes. The allin-one nappy typically has the absorbent layers sewn beneath the lining of the nappy and is connected to the waterproof outer shell. These nappies are convenient as there is no need to connect the inserts or stuff pockets however they can be quite bulky, take a long while to dry after washing and restrict the ability to boost absorbency.

All-in-two nappies (AI2) typically consist of a shell and a snap-in insert system. The absorbent insert is usually attached to the shell with snaps and is lined with a water-resistant fabric to keep bubs skin dry. This system means the inserts can be removed to allow for faster drying and they often offer the ability to boost the absorbency.

Night nappies are designed for heavy wetting and are often made from highly absorbent fabrics such as bamboo or hemp. These nappies will often require a cover, however there are dedicated night nappies in the styles mentioned above with added absorbency suitable for night time use. Some 'day' nappies will even allow you to boost for night time use with a dedicated night booster

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