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How many nappies will you need?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding how many nappies you will need for your family. The number of children in nappies and your wash routine are some things that may determine the number of nappies you will need.


This is the general guide for one child in cloth nappies:

  • Part-time it is recommended to purchase between 15-20 nappies.
  • Full-time it is recommended to purchase between 24-30 nappies.
  • Night time use it is recommended to purchase between 3 to 5 night nappies as these take longer to dry.

If you have two or more children in cloth nappies you may need double the amount. A heavy wetter may require changing more frequently and therefore require more nappies overall.

However there are other factors that can determine whether you will need more nappies then suggested above. Such as how often you intend to wash, whether you will be using a dryer or will hang your nappies to dry. Remember AIO nappies take longer then pocket style or AI2 to dry so you may need more AIO nappies, then you would of the other styles.

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