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How to choose the right type of nappy for your family.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right nappy for your bub and as mentioned above you may need trial many styles and brands before you find one that suits your mini human. Here are some things to think about to guide you in the decision making process.




Do you want a nappy that is quick to dry?

Pocket or AI2 nappies are the fastest drying. If you have more than one child in cloth nappies a fast-drying option is recommended!


Do you mind snapping together or stuffing inserts into shells/pockets?

If the answer is "no" then perhaps you would prefer the convenience of AIO nappies? Take into consideration your lifestyle - will you have time to be snapping and stuffing?


Is your child a light/moderate or heavy wetter?

If your child is a heavy wetter the convenience of being able to boost the absorbency of a pocket or AI2 nappy will be beneficial. A heavy wetting child may also require boosters to be added in nappies for extra absorbency. If you intend to use cloth nappies at night boosters or a dedicated night nappy will be essential.


Is your child slim or chubby?

The build of your child will dramatically influence the style and brand of nappy that will suit them best. Chubby bubs tend to suit side snapping nappies or front snapping OSFM in a larger make or sized nappies suited to their weight. A slimmer bub is easier to fit for nappies. However, some OSFM nappies are made to be larger to accommodate for the allowed adjustments as bub grows and this means that some styles of OSFM nappies will be too large around the legs for some slim bubs. Most brands offer trial packs and it is recommended to trial a couple of nappies from a few different brands before investing in one brand.

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