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Inserts and Boosters

Inserts are the absorbent "pads" that are stuffed or lay within the nappy to absorb the urine. These inserts come in a range of shapes, thicknesses and can be made from many different materials

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber. It is quite absorbent though can be prone to compression leaks (liquid leaks out when the microfiber insert is compressed. 

Bamboo is a sustainable resource making this fabric an eco-friendly option. It is also highly absorbent, contains anti-microbial properties and is easy to clean.

Hemp is another highly absorbent natural fibric. However it can be a bit rough against the skin so is often mixed with cotton to make it softer.

A mixture. Some companies sell inserts that contain a mixture of a couple of different fabrics. These combinations usually aid in absorption and often microfiber is placed between two layers of bamboo fabric to help counteract any compression leaks.

Shape. There are many different shaped inserts on the market - snake inserts, more traditional pad shaped inserts, hourglass and even contoured inserts that have elastic in the sides to create a "cup" like shape that claim to better protect against leakage.

Boosters. Boosters do exactly as the name implies, they boost the absorbency of the nappies. These boosters also come in many different shapes and you can get mini or super boosters also. They can be made from one type of absorbent fabric or just like the inserts, a mixture.

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