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Nappy sizes - Which suits you best?

There are typically three size options when it comes to modern cloth nappies - Newborn, sized and One-size-fits-most. Cloth nappies come in a combination of the different types and styles. For example, you can get pocket type newborn, sized or one-size-fits most nappies.

Newborn nappies are made to be a smaller fit for those newborn bubs. The nappies are typically trimmer and not made with as much absorbency as the larger sizes. Newborn nappies are usually made to fit anywhere from 2kgs (yes you can even buy preemie MCN's) to 6kgs depending on the brand and style.

Sized nappies are as the name describes. Typically, they come in sizes ranging from small, medium, large to extra large and some companies make custom fitting nappies and even adult sizes also. These sized nappies have the advantage of not being as bulky in the smaller sizes as they are made to fit bub at each stage of growth and the absorbency is tailored to suit also. The main downfall of these nappies is you will need to upgrade to a new size as your bub grows.

One size fits most (OSFM) nappies have rows of snaps at the front and on the wings of the nappy to allow you to adjust the size as your baby grows. They often fit from 3.5kgs up to around 18kgs (toilet training/learning age) depending on the brand and style of nappy. These nappies allow you to get the most use and are the best value for money as you do not need to upgrade as bub grows, simply adjust the size with the rows of snaps.

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