Hip Hugger Free2BU Underwear

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Hip huggers give more coverage at the back and also across the hips. Available in  a dusty purple or black.

Our Free2BU range of underwear are designed to bring simplicity into your life. No more worrying about bladder leaks when you cough or sneeze and you never have to anxiously anticipate the onset of your periods - these panties have you covered! 

Our Free2bU Underwear are design with practicality and simplicity in mind. Made with Cotton spandex for comfort and 4 layers in the 'protection zone' these underwear keep you fresh, dry and free to be you! 

The protection zone features a top layer of moisture wicking cotton that draws liquid below into the absorbent layer. Our hidden leak-proof layer gives you added confidence - your white jeans no longer have to hide away in the draw! The outer layer is breathable cotton giving you added comfort while looking no different from regular underwear on the outside.


Remember to check our size guide to get the best fit. 

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