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Baby Wipes - Bin fillers.

Baby Wipes - Bin fillers.

How many wipes do you use each time you change your baby's wee nappy? 

One? Three? What about poops? Messy hands and grubby faces! 

Now think how many times a day you have to change your baby's nappy and reach for that packet of baby wipes and calculate on average just how many baby wipes you are using each day! It is not something we really think about let alone calculate. 

Disposable products are convenient and often we overlook the environmental impacts because the convenience is much more appealing. The truth is that disposable baby wipes, along with other disposable products make up a large percentage of our household waste and eventually landfill. So how can you do your part to minimise your environmental footprint? Purchase reusable products! 

Reusable cloth wipes are a fantastic way to reduce the number of baby wipes you use and if you are using cloth nappies already, chances are you won't even notice the change. You don't have to quit disposable wipes cold-turkey or even at all, but each time you use a reusable wipe instead of disposable that is one less product that will take hundreds of years to degrade heading to landfill. 

So how to make the change? Firstly purchase your cloth wipes. Natural fabrics are the best to use on bubs skin and anywhere between 10 - 40 wipes depending on how often you plan to use them and how often you wash.

Once you receive your cloth wipes put them through the wash to remove any residual product left over from the manufacturing process - remember not to use fabric softener as this will coat the fibres and make your wipes less absorbent.

To use your wipes:

  1. Wet with clean water
  2. Wipe up the mess
  3. Store your wipes in a dry pail  (small basket with ventilation or bucket without the lid as a closed environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria).
  4. Wash in your washing machine on hot wash (up to 60 degrees Celsius).
  5. Dry - hang to dry in sun or put in clothes dryer.

If you are wiping food or poop it is recommended to give the wipes a quick rinse to remove any solid residue prior to dry pailing. If you do prefer to give your wipes a soak to remove residue before popping in the wash please remember to use a bucket with a tight fitting lid and put it out of reach of children as it could pose a drowning hazard.


Out and about.

If you are out and about a small bottle of water and a wetbag will allow you to use cloth wipes on the go. Simply wet with the water from the bottle, wipe up bub and then store in the wetbag until you get home. Then transfer to your pail.



Put your cloth wipes through a warm - hot wash. If you give them a good rinse first you can even chuck them through the wash with your towels or other laundry. If you are a cloth nappy using family, simply chuck the wipes in with your nappies.


So where to get your wipes? 

Follow our link HERE to purchase your cloth wipes. 

We hope you enjoy the change to cloth wipes. It gives you that happy feeling inside reaching for something knowing you are not only helping the environment but saving money too!  



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