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What does "Ethically manufactured" mean to us here at Boho Babes?

What does "Ethically manufactured" mean to us here at Boho Babes?

Our products are ethically manufactured. Why? Because we care! We care about the people who bring our designs to life. We believe they should be able to earn a livable wage in a safe and respected environment. We don't support sweat shops, child labour or unpaid over time.  

Each of our products are hand-sewn with love and care, they are not made by machines. They are crafted by experienced sewers, many of whom have been working in the factory since it opened in 2012.

We have a contract in place with our factories to ensure the company abides by the base code of ethical labour practices as outlined by the Ethical trading initiative. The ethical trading initiative has formulated a code in which ensures fair treatment and pay to all workers especially those internationally. It ensures they are given freedom and rights in the workplace and ensures their workplace is safe and they are respected

When you purchase from Boho Babes you are not only supporting our business but the workers who sew, sort and pack our products in Shanghai. You are also supporting our artists, most of whom are mothers themselves. So thank you for not only being eco-conscious by purchasing reusable products but for helping us to support families along the way.


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